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Hi Everyone!

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I am so excited you are here!  My name is Suzanne, and I was born in raised in the Central Valley of California.  In 2014, after 26 years in California, I moved to Georgia.  I love deeply, and I am passionate about many things, but mostly about knowing Jesus more, loving people more, and exploring the world more.  I love animals, reading, writing, anything to do with the outdoors, music, the San Francisco Giants, and photography.  It is not uncommon for me to randomly start dancing, or break into song (especially in my car – I am slightly terrified some other driver with their phone will make me the subject of an embarrassing viral video one day).

I started this blog as a way to tell people about Jesus, share life with others, and pursue what I love.  This is brand new and I am sure it will evolve over time, but I couldn’t be more excited and I hope you will take the journey with me!

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