Cheaha State Park – Alabama

February 2, 2016

On a whim, yesterday we decided to take a quick trip into Alabama to visit Cheaha State Park, home to the highest peak in Alabama.  The park is small, but makes the perfect day trip with its beautiful views and easy walking.  Just make sure you bring a jacket, because it does get windy!  The park has two main areas, Bald Rock and Pulpit Rock.  The walk out to Bald Rock is both fun and unique, a boardwalk all the way through the woods, ending at a viewing platform with amazing views.  It is really a beautiful little walk, and being all boardwalk, it makes the area handicap accessible out to an area that typically wouldn’t be!  I thought this was an awesome feature that allows everyone to enjoy the outdoors regardless of any physical limitations.   Pulpit Rock trail is a little more rigorous, with some uneven rocky footing and a small portion that is quite steep; but an easy hike for the lightly active, and you can’t beat the infamous Instagram famous Pulpit Rock itself.  Overall, I think it is a great one to add to the list for anyone, and definitely a must do if you are in the South and an avid national park goer like myself!

For more information about Cheaha State Park, directions, hours, and entrance fees, click here.

Welcome to Alabama state sign.

^ One of my goals in life is to get a picture next to every state sign! ^

Boardwalk to Bald Rock

The boardwalk out to Bald Rock.

The lookout at Bald Rock

The lookout at Bald Rock

Trail to Pulpit Rock

On the trail to Pulpit Rock, my boy Pence (German Shepherd) LOVES water, and was very excited to come across this little creek.


The view from Pulpit Rock

The view from Pulpit Rock


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