Colour Pop Ultra Matte + Ultra Satin Lips

March 17, 2016
Colour Pop Ultra Matte Ultra Satin 1

I am obsessed with lipstick right now.  I’ve always loved a nice red lip, but lately I have been expanding my horizons and playing around with a wider range of colors.  Liquid lipsticks are my favorite and I have long been wanting to try the Ultra Matte line by Colour Pop, so as soon as I heard they were releasing a new Ultra Satin line, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out both formulas.  I have used Colour Pop before (their highlighter, blush, and lippie stix) and have always been impressed with their quality and affordability.  These new liquid lipsticks are no exception.  They are all fantastic, but my favorite is by far “The Rabbit”.  This color is to die for, it is going to be my spring and summer staple I am sure!  The formulas are great in different ways, I will break them down below because they did vary slightly by color.

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Ultra Satin 2

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Ultra Satin 3

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Ultra Satin 4

I’ll start with my favorite, The Rabbit.  Not only is the name super fun, but the color and formula is just perfect.  It is a bold pink with blue reflects, and while that combo may sound a little frightening, I promise in person it is perfection!  As far as the formula and feel, it is super pigmented, goes on perfectly in just one swipe, and feels really nice on the lips.  Also, it will last ALL DAY.  I have worn this for an entire day without needing to retouch at all.  It is a satin formula so it will transfer and smudge so you have to be kind of careful while wearing it, but I think its worth it!

Colour Pop Ultra Satin Lip The Rabbit

Next up is another satin, Panda.  This color is a beautiful deep purple.  It comes off a little darker then I was expecting and almost berry colored on me, but I like dark lips so I didn’t mind!  The formula is the same as The Rabbit, but it can be a tad patchy (just barely).

Colour Pop Ultra Satin Lip Panda

I got two mattes as well, and they are dramatically different formula wise.  First is Lumiere 2 by Kathleen Lights.  This color is really pretty, and hits that 90’s vibe perfectly.  This color pulls a little darker and more grayish on me then I had anticipated from seeing it on other people online, but again, I love it.  The formula on this one is also perfect for a matte.  It dries down right away, and lasts pretty much all day.  I would like all my matte lips to feel like this, comfortable, doesn’t transfer or smudge at all, and just hugs your lips perfectly.

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip Lumiere 2

Lastly, I got Mars.  As soon as I opened this I knew it was exactly the color I wanted, it is so bright and fun!  It is a super bright pink/coral color.  Unfortunately, this one is iffy formula wise.  While it is nice and pigmented, and dries down instantly, it gets very flaky and kind of flakes/balls up on your lips as you wear it.  Not cute!  I didn’t experience this with Lumiere 2, so I was slightly disappointed that they wore so differently.  I still like the color, and will just try to wear this on days I know I don’t need it to last too long.

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip Mars

Overall I would give the Colour Pop lips a big thumbs up!  While I was slightly disappointed in the wear of Mars, for the price you really can’t beat these.  They are better priced then even most drugstore lipsticks, and last way longer.  Colour Pop also has an insane color selection, I think there is something for almost everyone!


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