Growing Mushrooms

April 6, 2016
Growing mushrooms 19

This past weekend we had a little family adventure when myself, my mom, my sister, and my brother attended a workshop to learn how to grow mushrooms.  My mom and I have recently been learning a lot about how to make a lot of our own food and just make sure we are using a lot less processed and preserved food and instead using fresh, whole foods, and even growing our own when possible.  And my brother has basically become a small farmer himself!  I love mushrooms, so as soon as my sister-in-law asked if we were interested in going to a mushroom growing workshop, I was super excited to try it out.

Growing mushrooms 20

The mushroom spawn

Growing mushrooms 18

The log drills

Growing mushrooms 16

We inoculated all of these logs! Every one of these will be growing mushrooms.

Growing mushrooms 1

A sample of what they will eventually produce

Growing mushrooms 2

Growing mushrooms 6

The actual process of “planting” the mushrooms is really quite easy and a lot faster than I expected, but after you prepare the logs it takes 6-9 months until you start getting mushrooms!  All in all I am happy we learned this new skill and I am anxious to see how our logs do (be brought 3 home with us), but since you have to wait so long for the logs to fruit we will still be buying them from the store for some time :)

Growing mushrooms 17

You first drill holes every 6 inches in the logs

Growing mushrooms 13

You then inoculate the logs, which is inserting the spawn into the holes that were drilled.

Growing mushrooms 10 Growing mushrooms 15 Growing mushrooms 14

Growing mushrooms 12

Spawn filled holes

Growing mushrooms 11

Growing mushrooms 8 Growing mushrooms 13

Growing mushrooms 5

After all the holes have been filled with spawn, you cover the holes with wax to ensure the spawn doesn’t dry out, as well as seal it up from anything else (you don’t want) growing!

Growing mushrooms 9

Growing mushrooms 3

Finished logs! Now you just play the waiting game for the next several months until they start growing!

Growing mushrooms 4 Growing mushrooms 17

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