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March 22, 2016
Jo Totes Abby Black 1

I love photography, and as convenient as it may be for almost everyone to have a pretty decent camera in their pocket with the advent of smartphones, it still just doesn’t quite beat using a camera with a few more capabilities.  The downside is carrying around a bigger camera can be a bit of a pain.  You don’t want to just carry it around your neck or hold it, and walking around with a camera bag is a bit conspicuous, so a camera bag that looks like a purse is a girls best friend!

Jo Totes Abby Black

I recently got the Abby by Jo Totes, and I am in love!  If you are looking for an everyday camera bag that doubles as a purse and is fashionable to boot, I would highly suggest you check out what they have to offer.  I got the Abby because it looked like it was the perfect size for running errands with, not too big, not to small, and it really is just right!  The bag has a padded interior with velcro walls that you can move around to configure just how you like.

Jo Totes Abby Black 3

Jo Totes Abby Black 4

The bag has several zipper areas as well.  There is one large interior zipper pocket, 2 zipper pockets on the back, a pocket on the back that has a hidden zipper area inside it, as well as the closing flap being a zipper pocket too!

Jo Totes Abby Black Back

Jo Totes Abby Black 5

Jo Totes Abby Black 6

I give this bag a big thumbs up.  It is the perfect bag for carrying around some of your camera equipment everyday but not have to carry around a big (and unattractive) camera bag with you!  I love it.



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