Mario Badescu Silver Powder Review

March 7, 2016
Mario Badescu Silver Powder Feature

I have been a fan of the Mario Badescu products for a few years now.  I love and use several of their products on a daily basis.  Recently another product of theirs caught my eye, the “Silver Powder”.  The Mario Badescu website says, “this oil absorbent powder will help to unclog congested pores. Prevents blackheads and promotes a healthier complexion. You will see a remarkable difference after one application.”  Since I am ever in search of having a better natural complexion, I was excited to give this a try.

Mario Badescu Silver Powder Review 1

My first thoughts upon opening is that this stuff is messy!  As you can see, I only (carefully) opened a small little portion of the protective seal, and it was instantly everywhere.  If messy packaging bothers you, this will probably get on your nerves right away.

Next up was figuring out how to apply it.  Mario Badescu suggests using a wet cotton ball, dipping it into the powder, and then pressing it on the face.  I didn’t find this method to be very successful, and found it easier to just put some in my hand and mix it to the consistency I wanted and then applying it to my face with my fingers.  Even though this seemed a little better than the wet cotton ball method, this still wasn’t the best.  Getting this powder to a good consistency to apply to your face is rather difficult.  Too little water and it just is a powder that won’t stick to your face, and too much and it is a liquid that is too thin to apply to your face.  Finding the perfect balance was a bit of a struggle.

Mario Badescu Silver Powder Review 2

Mario Badescu Silver Powder Review 3

Once I was able to create the mixture and apply it to my face, it doesn’t have any sort of feeling on the skin (which was nice because I have extremely sensitive skin that reacts to almost everything), but again, this powder continues to be messy!  As it dries on your face it just starts to pretty much drop off your face.

As far as the results, I personally didn’t see any difference.  I really wanted to because not only do I typically love Mario Badescu products, but this sounded like a great product and came at the recommendation of a friend, but for my type of skin I just didn’t see any change.







While I was excited for this to work, it ended up being a fail for me.  I could have dealt with the mess if I saw really great results, but since I didn’t this is going to be a go-back for me.  Maybe my skin isn’t as congested as I think it is and if you had more troublesome skin you might have a different outcome, but if your skin is similar to mine, I would probably pass this one up.


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