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Top 5 Travel Tips

April 23, 2016

I have quite a bit of traveling coming up, both domestic and international, and as I was packing up today for my first trip I began to think about some of my favorite travel hacks.  I am all about efficient travel, and any time I find a new way to travel smarter, lighter, and more organized is a win for me!

1. Carry-on, don’t check!

This concept might seem terrifying to some, but I promise once you learn to pack more efficiently overall, the days of checking your baggage will be over.  Not only can you save money since a lot of airlines charge baggage fees now days, but the time you will save waiting on you baggage and the stress you will eliminate worrying about and dealing with damaged and lost luggage is priceless.

2. Get rolling!

My biggest space saving tip is to roll, roll, roll!  I went years without rolling my clothes, and I have no idea why!  Rolling your clothes will save tons of space, I can easily fit 2-3 times the clothes I could with traditional folding.

3. Buy the basics

My third tip is to not pack the basics, but buy them when you get to your destination.  Unless you are traveling to a more remote or exotic area where finding a general store will be difficult, not packing the basics such as shampoo and conditioner can save both space and possible mess.  These items are usually quick and easy to pick up in any city, and then not only do you have more room in your suitcase, you also don’t have to worry about only using security approved travel sizes or about them exploding all over the rest of your stuff!

4. Pack an external charger

If you’ve been to an airport recently, you’ve probably noticed the crowds of people collecting around outlets.  External chargers for your phone are so small and cheap nowadays (I just picked one up at Target for 5 bucks) that it just makes sense to throw one in your stuff.  You don’t have to worry about finding an available outlet, and you always have a little extra juice in case of emergency. 

5. Pack snacks and an empty water bottle.

Everyone knows, airport food is expensive!  And when you’re traveling you never know what might happen, but having some options outside of wasting money in the airport (or on the plane) on food and water instead of using it for more fun things once you get to your destination just seems crazy!  So make sure you pack some snacks, as well as an empty water bottle.  While you can’t bring a full one through security, you can take an empty one and then fill it up at the food court or water fountain on the other side.  I like to use a wide mouth screw top (like a Blender Bottle) so I can fill it up with both ice and water.  So simple, yet it saves so much money, and helps to keep hunger and dehydration at bay!

I hope some of these tips have helped you, and I would love to hear any packing tips you may have!  I’ve got an early morning flight to catch, keep an eye out here and on Instagram for photos of what’s coming up!

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